Joe Biden Has Flown Away From The Truth In Afghanistan

Joe Biden lied and Americans died…and hundreds now stand in harm’s way.

When conservative politicians tell a lie, the mainstream media never lets up.  Remember President Bush with “read my lips, no new taxes”?  They never let up reminding us of that lie.

This time, the broken promise could not possibly have been more explicit nor recent.

On August 19th President Biden told ABC news, quote, ““If there’s American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out”.

That was a bald faced lie.

Yet yesterday, we got word at midday that the final plane had gone wheels up from Hamid Karzai International airport.  The final five flights out of Kabul, Afghanistan didn’t have a single civilian on them.

The Pentagon confirms an estimated 200 to 300 American civilians remain behind, left to the tender mercies of one of the most notorious terrorist groups on earth: newly armed and equipped with the best military technology American tax dollars can buy

Taliban Joe Biden gave it all away.  Yet, today do you hear most of the media running that tape from 12 days ago with Biden’s lying words?