Joe Biden Doesn’t Just Forget His Speeches, He Forgets To Pay His Fair Share Of Taxes

It’s so much fun to wake up on a Friday morning and hear major league tax cheat Joe Biden explaining he wants to raise taxes on the rest of us.

I’ll back that statement up with evidence.

Joe made a lot of dough between his VP job and the Presidency.

13 millions bucks in 2017 and 18 mostly from giving speeches.  But he only declared 800 thousand as actual income.

So how’d he do that? I’ll explain.

Joe talks a lot about making the rich pay their fair share.

The latest numbers from the Biden IRS show the top 1% of earners in America pay 41 percent of all federal taxes.

The top ten percent…that’s households with 166-thousand income…in Portland or Seattle that’s a police Lt and a teacher…that top ten percent pays 2/3rds of the bill

Half the earners in America pay no federal taxes at all.  Got the picture?

So how did Joe make all those taxes go away?  Especially since Joe and Jill are in about the top one-tenth of 1%.

He ran it through an S corp…where Biden is the whole corporation.

Estimates today show he dodged half a million bucks in Medicare taxes…you know, the medical insurance for older folks that keeps them out of poverty?  The one that’s going broke?

Now, what was that Joe said about making the rich pay their fair share?