It’s time to pass judgement on Oregon’s elections, and the sentence is bleak

Your election ballot should arrive in the mail today or in the next few days.

If you need another reason NOT to vote democrat, consider the way democrats have stolen your choice when it comes to judges.

Judges make some of the most important decisions affecting our lives and must be trustworthy.  

For decades, democrats have violated the promise made by Oregon’s Constitution: Article 7, section 1 “The judges of the supreme and other courts shall be elected by the legal voters of the state”.

Only the Democrats figured out how to cheat and Judges joined them in their conspiracy.

Voters don’t choose Judges…democrat Governors choose and then when a Judge leaves…they spit in the face of voters by leaving mid term…so another democrat Governor can choose their replacement.  It’s a quid pro quo.

Case in point: State Supreme Court Chief Justice Martha Walters and former chief Justice Tom Balmer were both appointed to the court by liberal democrat Governors.

Two years ago, Walters and Balmer asked voters for new six years terms which they won. 

Both will quit 4 years early on January 1 so lame duck Governor Kate Brown can appoint their replacements…stealing the choice that rightfully belongs to you. 

It’s part of a sleazy deal. 

Walters and Balmer know it…and they’re doing it anyway.