Is the United States Transitioning to a Post-American Era?

Frank Gaffney, from the Center for Security Policy, presents a compelling viewpoint on Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s recent visit to Beijing and its broader implications. Gaffney’s analysis suggests a significant transition underway, where the United States is gradually moving beyond the era of Pax Americana towards what he terms a “Post-American” world.

Gaffney attributes this shift to the cumulative effects of the Obama-Biden administration’s pursuit of the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” According to him, the influence of globalists, particularly those with “Chinese characteristics,” is steadily eroding U.S. sovereignty through initiatives focused on “global stability,” “global governance,” “global health,” “global digital IDs,” and “global taxes.” Additionally, Gaffney raises concerns about the potential consequences, such as the potential demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the perceived dismantling of the country’s constitutional republic.

Central to Gaffney’s argument is the question of whether these transformations will become irreversible before President Joe Biden’s term concludes. Gaffney asserts that President Biden lacks a clear mandate for such transformative changes, fueling concerns about the long-term implications of these developments. For more information, Lars brings Gaffney onto the program to elaborate, take a listen by clicking the link below.