Is Susheela Jayapal stand for anything other than hating conservatives?

Can you find a bigger hypocrite than Sanctimonious Susheela Jayapal?

She quit her gig as a Multnomah County commissioner this week to run for the seat in Congress.

Her sister in Seattle, Pramilla, already holds a seat, where she aligns with the notorious Anti American, Anti-Israel squad…AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.   

(Just this morning, on KXL news) Susheela didn’t brag about her OWN accomplishments at Multnomah county…because she doesn’t have any.

Instead, she came right out of the gate attacking any citizen who questions results of American elections…so called “election deniers”.  I’m in that camp.

Hate to inform you Susheela, but your sister’s one of ‘em.

Two weeks into her career in Congress, then Vice President Joe Biden had shut down Pramilla Jayapal several times as the freshman lady member of congress tried to block the certification of Donald Trump’s election.

Jayapal objected to…you guessed it, votes from Georgia…yes, the same state where Trump now faces a dozen CRIMINAL charges for…objecting to the counting of votes.

Biden had to bang his gavel several times to silence Pramilla’s electoral vote blocking yelling “There is NO debate. It’s OVER!”…which got laughs in congress.

And now Susheela tells us people who object to elections pose a danger to America?

I’d sure love to have an observer’s seat at the Jayapal’s Thanksgiving Dinner.