Is Biden Building A Border Wall?

During his campaign, President Biden made a promise to put an end to Trump’s border wall project. Then early on during his presidency, he sold millions of dollars worth of equipment, purchased during the Trump era for border wall construction, at remarkably low prices. Fast forward to today, despite the initial promises to halt border wall construction, there are indications of a potential shift. Plans to complete parts of the border wall in South Texas, has been announced via the U.S. Federal Register. The administration’s decision to waive dozens of federal laws to construct miles of border wall in South Texas has left many Democrats and environmental activists fuming, especially considering the administration’s earlier claims that its hands were tied on the matter.

The focal point of this controversy lies in Starr County, located in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. The Biden administration, citing “high illegal entry” in the region, announced construction plans via the U.S. Federal Register. According to official reports, there have been over 245,000 migrant encounters in this sector alone during the current fiscal year. These numbers underscore the challenges faced by border security officials, adding weight to the administration’s decision.

Amidst the whirlwind of debates, Joe Kent, a retired Special Forces warrant officer and gold star husband, brings a unique perspective to the table. As he steps into the political arena, Kent’s experiences as a military veteran offer valuable insights into the complexities of border security and national defense. His perspective adds depth to the ongoing discussions surrounding Biden’s border wall dilemma. From campaigning against Trump’s border wall to now considering it’s completion, the twists and turns in this narrative demand our attention. Click the link below to hear the entire conversation.