Is Anyone Beside Dems Happy For Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars To Fund Kickbacks To Illegals?

Well, the pandemic provides a great excuse for elected officials in the Northwest to pad the pockets of illegal aliens.

We just learned that Washington state shoveled out one-third of a billion of your tax dollars to Joe Biden’s border jumpers.

The report shows 340 million bucks provided by the federal government allegedly for “COVID relief” didn’t go to Americans.

Instead, Governor Jay Inslee’s sent out thousand dollar checks to literally thousands of illegals.  

New York City plans to do the same thing with the masses of illegal invaders who have taken a bite out of the Big Apple. 

Apparently, it wasn’t enough that Oregon and Washington declared themselves “sanctuary states” where illegals need not fear being turned over for deportation when they commit crimes.

I know some of you consider it a slur to say illegals commit more crimes.  Just consider that the 5% of the population that’s here illegally…turn into 14% of all convicted killers in Oregon prisons and 18% of rapists.

So, Open Borders Joe cuts the razor wire to clear the way for more millions of “Undocumented Democrats”…states dangle real cash…your cash…to get them here and elections officials sign ‘em up to vote. 

And now Republicans want to pass a bill that provides for almost 2 million more illegals this year before we bang the border door shut?