Something very sick and disturbing is happening at Gresham High School.

A daycare center, at the school, for the preschool kids of teachers uses high school students learning child care.

The school bans all cell phones for very good reason.

One mom, a teacher, found that pictures of her 4 year old daughter had been put up on social media, coupled with sexually explicit music lyrics.

The school learned of this violation of innocence the day before but didn’t bother to tell mom.  Instead, she learned of it when a fellow mom and teacher expressed sympathy for the disgusting thing that had been done to her four year old girl.

The teacher confronted her bosses, who run Gresham High.

And then it got worse.  They knew it happened but didn’t tell her.  

They know the student who did it but didn’t remove the student from the daycare.  

They told mom it’s up to the student to decide to leave…and students have rights, you know.

Worse, Gresham high didn’t immediately report to police as required under the Mandatory reporter law. 

This morning we still don’t know if other children were similarly violated…or if other students are involved.

I called Gresham High.  They’re not talking.

It happened 10 days ago but when I got in touch with school board members, they only found out yesterday.

I pray they tell me what the hell went wrong with Gresham high administrators and what they plan to do to fix it.