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Hardesty’s Stance On Police Is Criminally Negligent For The Rest Of Portland

(Photo by ANKUR DHOLAKIA/AFP via Getty Images)

Radical Portland city council member Joann Hardesty hates the cops and her votes guarantee she’ll get more of us killed.

Portland cut almost 10% of its police budget last year.

This year we’re headed for a record number of homicides.

Hardesty flatly denies Portland’s murder problem is a gang problem.  Gangs are mostly criminals of color.  For Hardesty, color’s a chip she wears on both shoulders.  This week the Biden FBI identified gangs as the central issue in Portland’s violence and murders.

With Hardesty’s ignorance, don’t bet on re-funding police…which means more blood on the streets.

The Commissioner calls police liars.  She has falsely accused them of setting fires actually set by rioters. She fired a private company that repairs sidewalks for the city because its private trucks display a “back the blue” flag sticker.

Yet when JoAnn herself runs into trouble…a bit tipsy on a ride home from the casino she frequents…and a rideshare driver finds her obnoxious, she calls cops to resolve a personal matter.

In her home, she has a special police “900” box.  When YOU or I call the police, 9-1-1 decides if we get anything at all.  When JoAnn pushes that button she gets an immediate, two-car, lights and siren police emergency response.

Without double standards, JoAnn would have none at all.

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