GOP Lawmakers Walked Out To Stand Up For You

Democrats accuse republican lawmakers of not doing their job by not showing up at the legislature.  

That denies majority democrats a quorum and that means they can’t pass new laws.

In my opinion, republicans are precisely doing their job by stopping bad laws that actually violate the law.

The rules say legislation must be easy for citizens to understand.

Democrats want to pass legislation you’d need a Phd to comprehend.

Example:  Democrats proposed to protect what they call “reproductive health care”.

When critics asked a capital lawyer “would this let a ten year old girl get an abortion without her parents permission or knowledge” and the lawyer “yes”…even the democrat sponsors of this monstrosity gasped. They didn’t know.

It also lets the government provide chemical castration for teen boys and puberty blockers for children without parents knowing.

That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about…and why republicans walked out.

When the so-called lawmakers who actually write the laws can’t even understand them, you know average folks don’t have a snowball’s chance.

Democrats can whine all they want about the walkout…but republicans who shut down this nonsense are doing exactly what their voters elected them to do .