Global Warming Is Sure Giving Us All The Cold Shoulder

Ain’t Global Warming great?

My meteorologist buddy Chuck Wiese reminds me a planet warming from too much CO2 doesn’t produce 10 inch plus record snows.

This storm gives us a great opportunity to question whether the policies our government masters want to shove us make sense.

Aren’t you glad you don’t yet HAVE to own a battery car that turns into a roadside brick in cold temps.  

Environmentalists want to ban natural gas in your home and block all new pipelines.  

The city of Eugene did it a few weeks ago.

You know how heat pumps work when it’s colder than Hillary’s heart outside?  

The world’s best Nuclear Power design company…NuScale…calls Oregon its home.  

But Oregon law forbids any nuclear power…Joe Biden promises America will build nukes in Poland so THEY have abundant, cheap electricity.

If your lights are still on this morning, 20 percent of that comes from coal that the Greenies demand be turned off in the next couple of years.  

You okay with that?

During extreme cold, the wind usually slows down or stops and I’m willing to bet your rooftop solar panels are snowed in.

I don’t suppose you want to climb up there and sweep ‘em off, do you?