Did Ron Wyden Actually Make Sense For Once?

I might actually have to agree with New York resident and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden…Joe Biden’s response to the Chinese spy balloon “is nothing short of amateur hour”.

Over the weekend, Biden finally mustered up the courage to order it shot down.

Then, Joe had unnamed defense officials claim that it happened three times during the Trump Presidency.

That lie got called out quickly by a man not afraid to give his name…a man who headed up America’s intelligence agencies during Trump.  

John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence flatly and categorically denies the Biden claim it happened before.

So, Saturday afternoon…after the Chinese Communist spy balloon had been lazily drifting over some of America’s most important strategic bases for days…shot it down.

An F-22 Raptor did the deed…with an AIM 9X sidewinder missile…shooting from 58 thousand feet above earth at a target flying at 65-thousand feet.

That marks the first air to air kill for the Raptor against a foreign target. 

Call sign “Frank” and named for Frank Luke Junior…the World War 1 fighter ace who was nicknamed “the Arizona Balloon Buster” for shooting down 14 German spy balloons about a hundred years ago.

And what does Senator Wyden tell a town hall in Corvallis? “Letting a Chinese balloon force our country to divulge what we knew, what America can do, and what China can do is nothing short of amateur hour,” Wyden said. 

When a top Democrat busts a Democrat Party President, who pretty much know, he’s about done.