Democrats Argue That Your Race Should Hinder Your Education

Most Americans want a colorblind society.  You know, judging individuals by the “content of their character and not the color of their skin” as Martin Luther King once said.

Democrats and too many American colleges love to judge based on skin color.

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its taking up a case that’s right on point.

You see, many if not MOST colleges use skin color to determine who gets in, and who does not.

Lower test scores qualify black and brown applicants, white kids need higher grades, and Asian kids?  They have to score the highest just to get a seat in the classroom.

Anyone who thinks that’s fair is welcome to call my show as a “naysayer”.

I’d love to hear that person try not to sound like a Klansman.

The Supreme Court takes up cases out of Harvard and University of North Carolina where colleges argue that race based admissions decisions are fair.

The Court’s latest decision on this subject was 7 years ago…but since then, two of the most liberal members of the Court have departed.

I’m looking forward to good news on this one.  Despite having “Jim Crow” Joe Biden in the White House, I think America is ready to live up to Dr King’s words…and let kids get into class based on their scholarship.