Debate Over Embedding Abortion Rights in State Constitutions

Today, we’re delving into a topic that sits at the heart of many discussions: abortion rights. Specifically, we’re turning our attention to a nuanced question gaining traction – should states codify the right to abortion in the constitution?

Picture this: Your state constitution explicitly enshrining the right to choose. It’s a prospect that’s gaining momentum in some states, and for pro-life Republicans, it prompts reflection and concern.

To provide insight into this complex issue, we’ve arranged an exclusive interview between Lars Larson and Norman Woods, director of the South Dakota Family Voice. This conversation will offer a glimpse into South Dakota’s perspective on the potential codification of abortion rights. Will they stand firm in preserving the sanctity of life, or is there room for compromise?

Click the link below to listen to Lars Larson’s interview with Norman Woods. Together, they’ll navigate the nuances, providing a closer look at the pro-life stance shaping this crucial debate.