Day 2: SHOT Show 2023 Takeaways

The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the world’s largest gun show and includes over 1,600 exhibitors showcasing their latest products and technologies. It’s a must-attend for anyone in the firearm industry–from new firearms and accessories to the latest in hunting gear and ammunition. There is something for everyone at this event!

Here are all of the LIVE Interviews from Day 2:

Anthony Pace – What do Freedom Hunters do to help America’s vets?

Carl Cosino – What can you tell us about your new biometric gun case?

Corinne Montgomery – What do you do for women’s self-defense and their 2A rights?

Dr Matthew Miller – How can we help lower the suicide rate for America’s vets?

Erich Pratt – What are you doing to fight Biden’s “assault weapons” ban?

Joe Bartozzi – What can you tell us about SHOT Show and why it’s so important?

Kevin Stitt – What do states need to do to make sure there people’s 2a rights are upheld?

Kris Mckenna – What is so special about the True Ballistic goggle?

Lauren Boebert – How does the future of the House of Representatives look

Rep Martin Momtahan – What is “woke banking” doing to hurt our nation’s gun stores?

Tereq Azim – Can spending time in the great outdoors help people’s mental health and depression?

Tom Opre – What can you tell us about your new documentary “Shepherds of Wildlife Society”?