Crunch Time for Democratic Cities: How Will They Tackle the Wave of Unauthorized Immigration?

In a recent interview, Ira Mehlman weighed in on the pressing issue of unauthorized immigration in cities primarily governed by Democratic officials. As these cities grapple with a surge in unauthorized immigration, the question arises: What actions will they take to address the situation?

It’s clear that Democratic-led cities have been feeling the impact of a wave of migrants being bused in from the southern border. The strain on community resources has reached a breaking point, prompting local leaders to make urgent pleas to the White House for assistance.  More than 70 Democrats in the House and Senate have urged President Biden to reconsider his policies that limit access to asylum as a means to manage illegal migration at the southern border.

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by unauthorized immigration in Democratic-led cities and the potential policy changes on the horizon, I urge you to watch the full interview with Ira Mehlman. Stay informed about the evolving situation, explore possible solutions, and join the conversation on how to address this pressing issue effectively. Click here to access the full interview and engage with this critical topic.