Joe Biden’s new so called “equality act”…which passed the House of Reps on a near Party line vote…democrats in favor and republicans against.

It certainly checks the box for LGBT activists, but it promises disaster for your daily life.

Let me give you three examples.

Women who flee abusive partners and find refuge in a “women only” shelter will now be joined by men who identify as women.   Imagine your sister or mother or daughter’s reaction.

Speaking of, when your daughter heads off to college, best prepare her for the biological men who will join her in the showers at the gym…or be assigned as her roommate in college dorms.  Trans have rights you know.

Joe Biden wants that in the law.  Warn your daughter that if she breathes a single word of objection, she’s likely to get kicked out of college for “hate speech”.

But don’t worry, your daughters and granddaughters may not get to college anyway.

That sports scholarship she’s been counting on?  Kiss that goodbye

Check the best scores of women runners or swimmers or basketball players…heck, most any sport, and then try to imagine your darling daughter beating the scores of the biological men who compete against her.

Every single democrat member of congress from the Northwest voted in favor of this nonsense.  Remember that at election time.