Biden’s Failures Are “Ballooning” Out Of Control

Maybe Joe Biden’s dumb enough to believe the Chinese Communist government with its cockamamie story about the spy balloon in our skies, but I’m not.

The ChiComs claim the balloon is from a private company and it’s only for weather research.  Remember every private company in China, including our companies, surrender information to Beijing.

The Chinese claim the balloon accidentally went off course and just “accidently” went right over the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Canada, then Montana.  

Do you suppose it ever occurred to the “People’s Republic” to warn us…IF it was just an accident?  And its wayward course seemed to coincidently take it right over some major American defense installations. 

Accidently, of course.

The first public word about this Beijing Blimp came from a passenger on a commercial jet in the lower 48 looking out the window and saying “What the heck is that?” or words to that effect.  

And this happy accident arrives…violating our nation’s airspace and testing American reaction just days before Secretary of State Blinken makes a trip to China, a trip he just canceled today.

One top Air Force General warns we’re likely to be in a shooting war with the same folks who brought you the covid pandemic.

“Accident”, my fat backside. 

I’m talking to President Donald Trump on the show today.

I’ll ask HIM what he would do about Commie Zeppelin.