Biden’s Call To Congress Over Uvalde Is As Pointless As His Presidency

The murders of 19 school children brought prayer requests for Uvalde, Texas and predictably calls for more gun laws.

President Biden himself demanded Congress act.

It won’t and it wouldn’t do any good for a number of reasons.

Democrats who control Capitol Hill are in a tough election year.

And new laws for background checks and limits on guns?

Let’s start with a few facts.

Law enforcement killed Salvador Ramos at the scene of the crime, and that’s a good end for a bad man.

Ramos bought the guns he used the day he turned 18 and it won’t surprise anyone that he passed a background check.

Laws requiring background checks don’t stop criminals like Ramos who violated dozens of laws in his murders at Robb, elementary school.

Here in the Northwest, let me point out how we’ve made schools even more vulnerable to an attack like this.

Schools have been slow to tighten up security despite decades passing since Oregon’s worst school shooting two decades ago

Defunding police guarantees slow response.

Firing school resource police officers means no one on scene to respond quickly

Guns are already forbidden at all Washington state schools, public and private and now the Oregon legislature has given school districts permission to turn schools into dangerous gun free zones.

But liberals still think legal words on paper will stop a killer like Ramos.