Biden Wants Uncle Sam To Micromanage The Internet

The Biden administration wants to hand the FCC the keys to regulate how our internet service providers do their thing. Now, on the surface, better Wi-Fi sounds fantastic, but let’s peel back the layers. What’s at stake here goes beyond a few buffering issues; it’s about the very essence of our free-market values.

Imagine the FCC, usually in the business of communication regulation, diving into the nitty-gritty of broadband pricing, tower spots, and how your local internet provider expands its services. It’s like handing the reins to Uncle Sam and saying, “Take the wheel.” But, hold on, isn’t that regulatory overreach knocking on our digital door?

One person waving the caution flag is FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, calling this move an “unlawful power grab.” As Republicans, we’re nodding in agreement, wary of the implications of Uncle Sam getting too cozy in our internet affairs.

To dissect this proposal, Lars Larson is sat down for a chat with Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment. Click the link below to listen to the entire interview.