Biden Stumbles Into 2024 Run Like It Was Plane Stairs

Joe Biden ran for President the first time from the basement of his Delaware house and now it appears he’ll run that way again.

He announced his bid for re-election by video this morning.

In it he vows to “finish the job.”

“Finish the job”?

An economy laid waste with punishing inflation and interest rates that have locked up the dreams of buying a house or starting a business for tens of million?

An exit from Afghanistan that abandoned thousands of Americans, despite Joe’s explicit promise not to do that?

A new war we’re funding in Ukraine with no end in sight?

And just this week, 16-thousand Americans left behind in Sudan?

The video directly targets those of us who believe in “Make America great again”…so Joe’s run for re-election declares that MAGA Americans are the enemy.

Having promised NOT to raise taxes on anyone who makes less than 400-grand a year, his Treasury Secretary was forced to admit to the Congress that Joe proposes 4.7 trillion dollars in new taxes. 

Biden plans to force you to buy electric cars you don’t want, ban natural gas stoves that cook your dinner, install digital identity…and sell out our economy to the Communist Chinese by making America dependent on windmills and solar panels that can’t keep our lights turned on?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want him to finish that job.