Biden Proves Daily Why Donald Trump Is America’s Best Choice

If you want a measure of where America stands about now, just listen to what Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been saying.

This weekend, Biden apologized to an accused murderer.

You see, Thursday night, in his State of the Union speech, Joe committed a cardinal sin for Democrats.  Forced by heckling, he talked about the murder and mutilation of 22-year-old Laken Riley and told America the woman was killed by an “illegal alien”.

This weekend, Joe apologized to her killer for using that accurate phrase.

Joe offered the apology during a campaign event in Georgia, the same state in which Laken Riley died.

It took Joe Biden less than two days to shamefully apologize for using the term “illegal” to describe an illegal immigrant arrested for the murder of Laken Riley.


He didn’t apologize for his policies that allowed the murder to happen – let alone reverse them. He didn’t apologize to her family for mispronouncing Laken’s name as “Lincoln.” He didn’t apologize for blocking H.R. 2, or on behalf of the 170 Democrats who outrageously voted against the Laken Riley Act.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands, also in Georgia, made it a point to meet with Laken Riley’s family to offer his condolences.

Joe didn’t even offer a phone call.

Biden created the massive illegal alien invasion by inviting what he, himself, called a “surge.”

Donald Trump brought about the lowest level of illegals ever using only executive orders because Congress didn’t help him.

Biden immediately reversed that in his first 100 days.

Laken Riley and others have died or come to serious harm at the hands of Biden’s Border Busters.

He could fix the problem but he has an election to win so an accused killer gets a Presidential apology.

And you thought you’d seen everything?