Antifa Attack on ‘Cop City’: Should It Be Considered Terrorism?

Plans to build a police training center in Atlanta have sparked intense protests and brought about domestic terrorism charges. The proposed $90 million public safety training campus, set to be built in the South River Forest area, has been met with opposition from activists who see it as a symbol of police brutality and racism. On Sunday, tensions reached a boiling point as dozens of activists swarmed a construction site, setting heavy equipment and other items on fire. They threw Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and rocks in an effort to halt construction of the police training center. The clashes resulted in the arrest of at least 35 people and one death, prompting a state of emergency in the area. The ongoing clash over the proposed police training center has divided the community, with some seeing it as a necessary investment in public safety, while others view it as a threat to their rights and safety.

From DA’s in liberal cities giving them a free pass for anarchy, to the mainstream media calling them “mostly peaceful” ANTIFA has been allowed to cause chaos, but is it time to name them domestic terrorists? For more information, Lars speaks with Lance LoRusso, the founder of the Blue Line Lawyer Institute, former cop, and author of the books, “When Cops Kill” and “Blue News.”