America Needs Asylum To Save Us From Our “Secretary of Homeland Security” Alejandro Mayorkas

8 republicans joined the democrats to block the impeachment of America’s “Secretary of Homeland Security”.

Alejandro Mayorkas has aided and abetted the invasion of 9 million illegal aliens these past three years.  

Then he lies about it under oath to the Congress.

Plenty of reasons to impeach, yet Oregon Congressman Cliff Bentz actually helped pro-invasion democrats to stop it.

Yesterday, I finally got to ask him, “what the hell”.

His answers stink.

Congressman Bentz wants to go by proper procedure which usually fails.

We need to send a message that Mayorkas actions endanger this country and her citizens.  

Impeachment sends a message to Americans by declaring something’s terribly wrong, even if there’s no conviction in the Senate.

Democrats impeached Trump for a phone call to Ukraine about Biden Family corruption that turns out to be amazingly prophetic…and a peaceful speech on the capitol lawn.

Democrats use street fighting tactics.  Republicans go by Queensbury rules.

Guess who’s going to win.

An invasion of our country, criminals and terrorists flowing in like water, a President and Homeland Secretary who actually make it happen.

If that doesn’t merit impeachment, I don’t know what does.