A Seattle Teacher Tells His Students Being “Straight” Is Offensive

In line with First Amendment Friday, today, I have a confession.

I’m straight.  Have been all my life. 

Thanks to God, women are the best thing in creation.

Based on today’s news, I’d be in trouble if I were still in High School.

For reasons no sensible person can explain, a Seattle teacher lambasted one student for describing himself as straight.

Ian Golash, chairman of social studies at Chief Sealth International High School told students straight is “offensive”.  Who knew?

A worksheet in this crazy class asks students to consider their own racial, ethnic, gender, and economic status as well as sexual orientation. 

Sounds like a guilt trip for mainstream kids.

This taxpayer funded indoctrinator tells students “I do not use the term ‘straight’ because it implies that to not be straight is to be ‘crooked’ 

The teacher went on to condemn other male students as “products of the patriarchy”. 

Maybe Mr Golash doesn’t know the word history of “straight”, which gay Americans used to describe homosexuals who had left the lifestyle.

No wonder your kids don’t learn.  

My advice…take your kids “straight” out of these failed government indoctrination camps.