Oregon’s Ministry Of Truth Sets Its Eyes On You And The Media Is Blind

You know how mushroom farmers grow the best crop?  

They keep their ‘shrooms in the dark, and shovel in plenty of…well, let’s just say fertilizer.

Democrat politicians ‘round here want to cultivate THEIR crop of voters the same way.

Governor Tina Kotek hasn’t said one word about the contract signed a year ago by corrupt former Secretary of State Shemia Fagan…to monitor all media in the state 24 hours a day .

Quoting the contract, it aims to “combat misinformation”.  

That’s the “keep you in the dark” part.  

The story broke weeks ago. A lawsuit filed Tuesday demands a Judge shut down this state-sponsored censorship.

And what has Governor Kotek and the Secretary of State had to say about it?


They like the dark.  Where the media and voters keep their damn yaps shut about stacks of cash and pay-for-play deals and “dark money” that funds the election of the state’s single-party politicians…. 

If you let voters know what was really going on…massive increases in violent crime…drug overdose deaths…and cities so dangerous that business flees, and schools that fail students but provide lots of union cash for politicians.

Why, those pesky shrooms would start demanding answers…and consequences.

Keep ’em in the dark, shovel in some more…