“Her-She”s Chocolate Insults Women For International Women’s Day

Why would a much beloved American company think the best representative for International Women’s day is a man, wearing a dress and lipstick?

You need to ask the Hershey Chocolate company. 

One of the world’s largest confection makers is using Fae Johnstone to pitch its new “Her-She” bar…a not so clever play on the fact that Johnstone is a biological man dressed up as a woman.

I’m sure this will make the “Her She” bar a big seller among the politically correct.

Joe Biden might even find them stocked on Air Force One, assuming he makes it up the stairs.

But if they’re sincere in honoring women…is this really best way to do it…replacing a real woman with a transsexual?

Just a reminder…under that skirt and makeup, there’s a biological man. 

Sounds more like an insult to me.  

Hey ladies, you can be replaced by a guy.

As activist Abigail Shrier put it  ‘You get the feeling that these companies always despised women — they were just waiting for the right moment to stick it to us. Here’s the thing about real women, Hershey’s. We have long memories’

Meanwhile, here in the Pacific Northwest, lawmakers are voting on a bill that would make it legal for government employees to help your kids change their gender and specifically keep parents like you in the dark about it.

And if you listen closely this morning, you can hear the sound of Hershey bars and kisses going straight into the trash can.