America’s Race Problem Is Driven By Its Government Problem

The cops who beat Tyre Nichols of Memphis to death three weeks ago didn’t do it because he was black.  All five of the now former cops who did the deed were black.  So is the city’s chief of police.

That won’t stop America’s race baiters…including the likes Al Sharpton and Joe Biden from trying to make that case.  In fact, they already are.

Biden quickly announced his Department of Justice would investigate.

Skin color didn’t drive this tragedy.  Failure of liberal leadership did, as it has far too many times.  Count the examples.

Liberal leadership in Baltimore left Freddie Gray dead at the hands of the cops.

Liberal leadership in Minneapolis ran policing into the ground and brought the death of George Floyd. That touched off riots which cost America 3 dozen murders and billions of dollars in damage.

In Seattle, liberal leadership had the city surrender an entire neighborhood to the Antifa terrorists.  Six weeks later it left three people murdered.

In Portland, a Feckless Mayor and all-left-wing city council allowed riots for a record 100 straight nights, and at least one cold blooded, bullet-to-the-head murder of an innocent man just walking down the street.  

The threat to life here isn’t race.  It’s bad government.

Government gives the authority to kill, to cops.  When it gives that power to people you can’t trust…no matter what their skin color…it leaves people dead.