Oregon suffers political nightmares and then voters elect some more. Consider John Kitzhaber. Voters chose him 4 different times. Finally, they recognized the corruption he engaged in with his girlfriend, peddling influence for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He resigned a month after taking the oath of office. Once bitten, twice shy, right? Not so much. His successor, Kate Brown immediately engaged in similar corruption if office immediately after taking over from Dr John and Grifter Cylvia. Voters elected her anyway. Now, voters have chosen a thoroughly unqualified democrat candidate for Secretary of State. Before the vote count was even done, Shemia Fagan promptly denounced the key job of the office she’s seeking…auditing state agencies and zapping failures. Fagan promises, quote, “she would direct the state’s auditors to avoid “playing ‘gotcha’” in investigations of state agencies.”.


That’s exactly the job of the Secretary of State

To use a current example, then Secretary of State Kate Brown did a “gotcha” audit of the state employment division five years ago. It warned that employment division computers were SO bad, they would fail if hit by a surge of unemployment claims…like one caused by the China Virus.

But then Lockdown Brown became Governor and the gotcha, got shelved

So, Shemia promises not to call out failures like the one that currently leaves hundreds of thousands of workers without the checks they’re entitled to…and leaves them short of rent and food money for months?

Now, if that’s not bad enough, imagine this scenario

Joe Biden…yes, the man who last week told a black American that if he didn’t drop a ballot for Biden he’s not black…THAT Joe Biden. Biden, as unlikely as it sounds now, wins the Presidency. Kate Brown, Constitutionally limited…no more terms as Governor, gets a sub cabinet job in a federal agency in the Biden Administration. If Shemia Fagan wins as secretary of state, she then becomes Governor.

Corruption begats corruption begats corruption…unless voters break that chain. They could elect the thoroughly competent State Senator Kim Thatcher as Secretary of State. That puts a good check on failed state agencies like the employment division and safeguards the state against Kate and Shemia.

You get the choice. Elections have consequences.