Will Tomorrow’s Interview With PPB Chief Lovell Give Portland Answers?

The number one job of local governments anywhere in America is public safety.  

At this point, they’re failing.
This past weekend in Portland, four people dead by violence in a span of 24 hours.

In Seattle, five people were shot in the University District in 24 hours.  

THAT Mayor calls it a wake-up call that the city needs more police.

In Portland, a woman made a heartfelt appeal to the city council about public safety, the people fleeing her neighborhood and her own personal fears.

Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler laughed at her.

Meanwhile, a woman walked in from her own backyard to find a crazy woman sleeping in the bed of her ten year old son.

Crazy did the same thing two weeks later at another home.

Multnomah county’s crime-friendly DA, Mike Schmidt, dismissed criminal charges against the intruder…till public outrage grew to the point where was forced to actually do his job.

Tomorrow, I have an interview scheduled with the Police Chief of Portland.

I hope Chuck Lovell can explain how he plans to staunch the rising tide of bloody violence before it does to Portland what Hurricane Ian did to Florida.