Will Biden Deliver When It Comes To Israel? His Past Says No

Joe Biden speaks to America in a few hours.  

He NEEDS to send a clear message to the terrorists who killed hundreds of innocent people, including Americans, last weekend, in Israel.

I doubt he delivers.

After all, it was Joe who decided to give Iran six billion to win the freedom of 5 hostages.

I warned you…pay off the hostage takers and they will take more.

This morning, more than a hundred are held hostage by the animals of Hamas.

We do know the barbarians of Hamas, who slaughtered women and children on Friday and Saturday, have promised to murder hostages if anyone strikes back.

And who’s cheering on this Palestinian terrorist group?  The people in Gaza who elected them to lead Gaza.

The Palestinian authority…funded in part by our tax dollars.

Members of our own Congress like Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar. 

Sitting on the sidelines, President Joe Biden…who heard of the slaughter Friday night and went off to his beddy bye for 8 hours.

He gave Iran that money…and they’re the biggest state sponsor of terrorism on planet Earth.

When we connected Iranian General Qasem Soleimani with anti-American terrorism, President Trump sent a drone to take him out. 

You think Joe’s got the stones to do the same?