Tina Kotek Should Be “Dismayed” For Lying To Oregonians, Not Fagan

Crude corruption for sacks of cash cost Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan her job and any of her dreams she might have had of being Governor.

But “Felonious” Fagan did us one small favor by exposing the kind of lies those still in elective office tell the public.   

Take Governor Tina Kotek.  

When Willamette Week broke the news of Fagan’s 10-thousand bucks a month graft, Kotek acted like she didn’t know. “I’m certainly very dismayed by the press reports”.  

Today, we find out from Oregonlive, Governor Kotek knew all about Fagan’s sleazy side job because Fagan herself told the Governor about it a week earlier, then  lied about an ethics opinion she never actually got.  

Kotek should have demanded Fagan quit her corruption right then.  

She didn’t.

I mean corruption funded Kotek’s run for office last year…and Val Hoyle and a bunch of other D party politicians.

Apparently “dismay” only hit Kotek when the story broke publicly.

So, Kotek lied.  

And Fagan lied to voters when she ran for an office that she knew didn’t pay enough to pay her bills. 

Kotek must now explain why she kept citizens in the dark…or follow sleazy Shemia right out the door.