The New BLM – Biden’s  Lies Matter

I realize a lot of folks expect lies from politicians but I really wish we wouldn’t.

Do you tolerate your friends or family members lying to you over and over?

Take Joe Biden…please.

We all got a laugh yesterday when the President stopped off in Idaho and claimed he was offered his first ever job by Northwest wood products giant Boise Cascade.

The company checked its records and said they had never offered Biden any kind of position…nor had they even interviewed.

It seems almost pathetic when a guy who has risen to the Presidency feels the need to pad his resume with claims of a timber job, or driving an 18 wheeler or coming from a coal miner’s family…all of them past Biden claims

But other lies make a difference.

For the past few months, Biden and all the people working for him claimed they didn’t have the legal authority to mandate vaccines…and then he did it anyway.

The Delaware prevaricator campaigned on the line that he would “shut down the virus”…which isn’t happening either

He claims he would unify Americans…and has done exactly the opposite…and it shows in the polls.

Most Americans disapprove of the job Joe Biden’s doing and he’s only 8 months in.

Barack Obama liked to say “elections have consequences “.  Lying to the American public should too.