Revolving Door Drug Dealers Are Getting People Killed

Oregon and Washington surely ain’t doing much to stop the flood of fentanyl to the Northwest.

It’s killing a record number of people and you’d think lawmakers in both Northwest states would act.

Two Mexicans from Gresham provide a good example.

Two pounds of powdered fentanyl, 8 pounds of fentanyl pills and six pounds of heroin…enough drugs to kill tens of thousands will send these illegal aliens to prison for only 3 years.

Then, American taxpayers will give them a free ride back to Mexico, where they can go right back into the undocumented pharmaceutical business.

We’ve arrived at a perfect storm.  Defacto hard drug legalization in Oregon and Washington

Sanctuary status for illegals in both states.

Joe Biden throws the border wide open to all illegals.

Defunded police and PC DA’s who won’t prosecute.

And a President who won’t challenge his buddies in Beijing, China…the ones who bought and paid for the Biden Crime Family long ago…the same China that makes the Fentanyl which ends up here.

And reliable dimwit democrats who won’t vote to change any of that…even when it puts their teenage kids six feet under.