Portland’s “Peaceful Protesters” Take A Swing At Oregon Forestry Center

The same thuggish destructive behavior that has driven office workers and retail stores from downtown Portland has now moved out to the suburbs.

Anti forestry activists attacked the World Forestry Center during a conference on Northwest forestry issues.

The Forestry Center has a history that goes back more than 100 years to the Lewis and Clark Exposition in 1905.

It has been a fixture near the Oregon Zoo for more than half a century and hosts education and industry conferences.

One of those conferences is going on this week…and thugs used it as an excuse for their attacks.

They even announced their crime ““We hope this action reminds anarchists that we can attack without a call to action.”

Forestry has supplied the Northwest region with billions of dollars in wood products for most of Oregon’s statehood.

For decades it supplied jobs for hundreds of thousands.

Today, the forest industry is a pale shadow of its former glory

Now, tree huggers would rather break windows and destroy property.

They would rather see the trees go up in flames every summer…than manage the forests, create jobs, supply the lumber we need and replant new trees forever.

Go figure.