NW Government Once Again Gets A Failing Grade

Tina Kotek’s government just declared black and brown students incapable of keeping up in school.

Here’s the proof Oregon schools hold the bigoted belief: All students get a high school diploma WITHOUT mastering reading, writing or math.  

The ed gurus who make those big six-figure state salaries claim if you require all that, so-called “students of color” suffer.

Oregon put a pause on graduation requirements almost four years ago.

The public told the Ed department they want reading, writing and ‘rithmetic required.

So, as usual, the state ignored citizens, put the vote off for a month and then, yesterday, decided unanimously to do it anyway.

We all know what’s going on here.  

Public schools fail the kids.

America funds its public schools best in the world.

Yet Oregon schools suffer from high dropout rates and low achievement scores.

Maybe they’re too busy telling your kids about 72 different genders or turning them to socialism. 

Meanwhile, teachers in the biggest district go on strike, and bosses won’t hire replacements. 

We still pay for the education your kids don’t get.  

They still get diplomas for nothing. 

And teacher paychecks continue as usual.