NW Government Have Become Cyber-Cowards

Cowardice runs deep in our so-called leaders here in the Northwest.

Portland Mayor Feckless Ted held a public hearing on his crazy plan to force massive homeless encampments on neighborhoods.

The public who showed up to testify were, understandably, unhappy and said so out loud.  That’s the part of the Constitution about “redress of grievances” and “free speech.  

Mayor Feckless must have missed THAT class at Harvard. 

So, the Mayor locked the public out of the public hearing and went online.

Harry Truman might have told him “If you can’t stand the heat, Ted, get out of the kitchen”. But then Truman was made of sterner stuff.  

He dropped two atom bombs and ended a war.

Feckless Ted can’t even stop drug-addicted squatters from using your streets as toilets.

The North Clackamas school board ALSO chickened out on public testimony.

Parents loudly objected to porn in libraries and sex indoctrination of their kids. 

That Board also went online, cowering behind its cyber wall.  

The Oregon legislature spent two years passing public laws behind doors closed to the public.

I think all three examples violate Oregon’s Public Meetings laws that require PUBLIC hearings to pass laws.  

Watching it on TV ain’t the same.