Lars Thoughts – The Democrat’s October Surprise Are Lies & Defamation, Which Surprises No One

  The Democrat Party bag of tricks seems to have only one main gag: Lies & defamation.

    The Democrats newest ally: the Terrorism Masters of Tehran.

Last week, voters around America got threatening emails purportedly from a group called the “Proud Boys”.

Last night, the FBI revealed the emails actually come from Iran.

Yes, the biggest sponsor of terrorism on the planet.  The Mad Mullahs who got an airplane full of money from President Obama…along with a deal to let them build a nuclear bomb…while Iran openly threatens the destruction of America and Israel.

The Proud Boys already come under attack from Democrat allies in the mainstream media…who call it a “white supremacy” group.  I’ve talked to the black man who’s the head of this supposed white supremacy group…I know it doesn’t make sense…but most of the lies of the democrats DON’T make sense.

The Mullahs, trying to get Joe Biden elected so he can help Iran by destroying  America’s oil industry,  and maybe get back to the “planes full of money” days.

    The Democrat trick bag…Donald Trump’s a Russian plant.  Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh ran a drugs and sex ring in high school.  Hillary Clinton’s Steele dossier.

    We find out the lies eventually…but I guess the Party of Joe Biden doesn’t need long term lies…just long enough to get them to November third.