Joe Biden’s Relationship With China Should Leave Americans Deflated

  It may be tempting to focus on all the flying objects and the Air Force shoot downs.

   We’re up to four at this point with shoot downs off Alaska, Canada, Lake Huron and of course the one that spied its way to the Atlantic coastline with Biden’s blessing.

    But maybe Joe Biden’s Beijing masters who bought and paid for him are doing Ole Joe a solid…distracting from all his other problems.

He has a classified documents scandal that dates back to November of last year and seems to get bigger by the week.  Last week, we found out the White House had to manage literal BOXES of classified docs in Boston.

I’ve long suspected that Biden ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.  Last week, long time investigative reporter Seymour Hersch dropped a story that explains how the U.S. Navy did it at Biden’s bidding.  

I’ll remind you that, before Russia invaded Ukraine, Joe himself told a reporter that Nord Stream would not exist if Russia did the deed…and sure enough, it blew up. 

China seems more likely than ever to invade Taiwan sometime soon…and I think all those balloons serve two purposes.

They test Joe Biden’s resolve to protect our country…which ain’t much lately.

And they let Joe distract Americans from the many impeachable scandals he’s created.  

And just in case he needs more, the Air force left open the possibility that those objects are alien spacecraft.