Are Drugs Driving Car Deaths In The NW?

So, YOU don’t take hard drugs and you don’t smoke weed so WHY would defacto legalization of both in the Northwest have any affect on you?

The latest statistics tell the tale.

10 years ago, Oregon and Washington had some of the best accident numbers in the country.

Deaths in car crashes in Washington state were 2nd lowest in America: in Oregon, the 12th lowest rate in America.

But about ten years ago, both states legalized recreational weed.

And almost three years ago, both states largely legalized hard drugs.

Overdose deaths skyrocketed, of course, and so did fatal car crashes.

Today, Oregon ranks number one for increased fatal car crashes in America.  Washington state is number 4.  

Call me crazy, but I see a connection between out of control drug use and out of control car accidents.

Oregon’s rate of fatalities is up almost 63 percent in ten years.  

The Evergreen state saw fatals go up 36 percent. 

So, even if YOU’RE not shooting heroin, smoking weed or gettin’ high on Oxy, it doesn’t mean the man behind the wheel of that car coming at you is not.

Time to fix it, if we can just get Democrat Lawmakers to give a damn about the problem.