A Lars Loyal Lars Listener Points Out Oregon’s Woke Failures

I can’t resist sharing a note I got from a state worker who, like so many, asked that I keep his name off it.

“I work for DHS (in the food stamp office).

When we get applications in foreign languages they are assigned to intake workers first come first serve, regardless of the language the client or the intake worker speaks.

(we) might have 5 workers who speak spanish and are paid extra for that skill. But a spanish application with a spanish speaking client will be assigned to a non-spanish speaking (state worker) to do the intake, simply because they are up next (in line).

The eligibility worker (calls) the Language Line (an interpretation service, we also pay extra for) and then that service calls the client. The worker (does) the interview through the interpreter. The problem is the application is printed in a language the worker can’t read and the client’s answers are written in a language the worker also can’t read.

What ends up happening is the worker has to start from square one reading every question on the application in English. The interpreter translates to the client and the client answers back to the interpreter and the interpreter finally reports back to the worker what the answer to the question is.

Then on to question 2!

All this is being done is the name of equity, not equality because equality is not “woke”.”

Keep those cards and letters coming…cause Kate ain’t talking