Joe’s Failures Are Paving The Way For Trump In 2024

Donald Trump scares democrats out of their minds and they’ll do anything, legal or not, to stop him.

The best evidence: a new poll shows Trump mops the floor with demented old Joe Biden if we held the election today. 

The poll from ABC News and the Washington Post shows Trump defeating Joe 52 to 42 percent.  

Disapproval ratings for Biden have hit the highest level of his Presidency…56%…not a surprise given a terrible economy, massive inflation of consumer goods, a deadly exit from one war and now the multi-billion dollar war Joe invited Putin to start.

So, four different prosecution attacks on Trump totaling almost a hundred indictments, mostly for free speech.

Despite a mainstream media that routinely ignores the Biden gaffes and never lets up on Trump…The Make America Great President enjoys a ten point advantage, impeachment threatens, and Biden Crime Family foot soldier Hunter faces decades in prison on gun charges.

Expect the Party of Slavery attacks on Trump to ramp up fast.