We Won’t Be Pushed Around! The Trump Admin Is Ending Some Visa Programs

Some countries say they won’t take back their citizens that we are deporting.

But this isn’t the Obama era any longer. President Trump has taken a much stronger stance against these nations that include Cambodia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Rex Tillerson has said these countries are “unreasonably delaying” the return of their citizens from the US. And we will only lift the restrictions if those nations start to comply.

The immigration code in the United States allows authorities to place sanctions on the countries that refuse to accept their citizens. However it has only been used twice since 2000.

Trump has put a lot of pressure on countries that won’t accept their deportees. In fact, he’s been so effective that the number of countries unwilling to accept their people is down to 12 from 20 last year.

Is Trump continuing to show us, and the world, that we won’t be pushed around?



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