Why Won’t The Left Call It Terrorism?


By Lars Larson

A weekend of terrorist attacks across America doesn’t seem to have changed the reluctance of Democrat politicians to use the “T” word.

Two pressure cooker bombs, like the ones used by Muslim terrorists in Boston, found in New York city: one went off.

Two bombs in New Jersey, both went off.

And in Minnesota, a man dressed in a security uniform stabbing people while asking if they are Muslims, and while he shouted “Allah Akbar” until an off duty cop shot him dead.

He was a Muslim immigrant from Somalia and the suspect still being sought in New York is an Afghani immigrant…although police are looking for as many as 5 others who may be part of a cell.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio refused to call it terrorism. President Obama didn’t appear on camera to talk about it at all. Saturday night, Hillary Clinton questioned Trump calling the attack a bombing.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, immediately talked about the bombing and the fact that the nation must take tough action. Trump’s been bashed in the last 10 months for demanding tough vetting for immigrants and visitors.

This morning, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton at long last called for…tough vetting…wanna bet the mainstream media doesn’t point out her 180 spin on that one.



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