With Kids Falling Behind We Need To Consider Summer School To Catch Kids Up

 Let’s talk about Summer school on this snowy Northwest winter day.

   I know it’s months away…but now’s the time to make a big decision to do right by our kids.

   Most students haven’t had normal classes for almost a year.

   No one disputes they’ve fallen behind.

   So here’s a way to fix the problem.

   Summer School.

   Taxpayers paid the full bill for schools even as their kids got a lot less than full service.

   Teachers got full paychecks the whole time.

   Students got shortchanged.

   If we make the decision right now…that once kids get back to some kind of real schooling those classes go straight through Summer perhaps with a two week break right in the middle.

   That’s the best way we can ensure that kids get a chance to catch up on what they missed out on most of last year.

   Labor unions will squawk but teachers who call my talk show tell me they get paid for a full time job.  Unlike the rest of the work world, they usually get summers and lots of holidays off.  These ain’t usual times.

   I grew up working at jobs where you worked till the job got done…and it really is the most important job in the world…

   So let’s GET it done, this Summer.