Whether It’s From Abortion Or Starvation Remember When You Vote This November Democrats Are Making Life Hard For Babies

If you’re thinking about the votes you’re going to cast this year while you’re out searching for baby formula, I hope you think about how the two are interconnected.

40 percent of the most popular brands of formula are listed “out of stock” . 

That’s how dire the situation is. 

Yet the Biden Food and Drug administration has shut down the biggest single baby formula factory in America.

FDA suspected the Abbott Labs plant in Sturgis, Michigan in sickness that killed two infants.

That was three months ago and the FDA has now cleared the plant but will not let it reopen…and even when it does, product won’t hit the shelves for months.

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters the Biden team is right on top of the situation so reporters asked, “who’s running point”?

Her answer: (quote) “I mean, I — at the White House, I don’t — I don’t know.  

Yep.  Kind of like a lot of things at a White House where everyone suspects Joe ain’t really running the show…on the border, on inflation, on energy…and lately, on baby formula.

So, I wish you good luck and God Bless in your search for that hungry baby back at home.  

As Barack Obama once said, “elections have consequences”, even for infants.