We’re One Year Into Biden’s Bungle Job Of Ukraine

Today, we mark one year of Biden bumbling in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine that Joe actually invited.

Two years ago, Vladimir Putin began putting large numbers of troops on Ukraine’s border.

Joe Biden did nothing.  That’s a signal.

Then in May of ‘21, Biden gave the go ahead for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

That’s a major money maker for Putin and it’s a signal.

In August of that year, Biden demonstrated his feckless leadership with a poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan that got 13 service members killed, left thousands of Americans trapped and equipped the Taliban terrorists with expensive American technology.

Another signal from Joe to Vladimir.

Then in January last year, with Russian troops massing on Ukraine’s borders, Biden announced to a press conference that if Putin made a “minor incursion”, his words, not mine…there might be only a “minor” response.

Yet another signal to Moscow.

February 7th, a year ago Biden panicked. 

He warned if Russia invaded Ukraine Nord Stream 2 simply would not exist.

Sure enough, a few months later it was blown up, most likely by us.  

Then, only AFTER Russia invaded did Joe Biden decide to begin arming up Kiev.

We’ve now committed more than 100 billion dollars and piles of weapons to a war the White House says has no clear end date.

A war that never would have happened, had Donald Trump been in the Oval office.