WATCH: Lars Larson Grills Oregon Governor Kate Brown Over Fighting Wildfires

By Lars Larson

One person’s already dead in the wildfires that hit Oregon this week and tens of thousands of acres have burned.

Families have fled their homes and the fires remain out of control.

Yet the government could call up the biggest, fastest, least expensive firefighting rig anywhere on planet earth.

Oregon struck a contract this year with Global Supertanker that makes the 747 available for just this kind of situation. I checked this morning and the plane stands ready even though it’s been busy in recent weeks fighting fires in California.

This plane, developed right here in the Northwest by aviation pioneer, the late Del Smith of Evergreen aviation can put down literally miles of retardant along a fire line. It flies to fires at 600 miles an hour, drops from 200 feet above terrain, and it delivers nearly 20-thousand gallons to a fire cheaper than any other aircraft in the world.

Governor Kate Brown held a press conference this morning on the fires and I went…because I wanted to know how many more have to die…and how much destruction must happen…before she calls up the biggest fire rig on the planet. Watch the press conference below, which we live-streamed on my Facebook page this morning.



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