Washington’s Government Shows It Doesn’t Care About Voters Wishes

The public supports the death penalty, but our so-called elected representatives decided to take it away anyway.

Just this week, Washington lawmakers voted to eliminate capital punishment without a vote of the people.

The reason they dare not put it to a vote: for the last 50 plus years, nowhere in America have voters chosen to eliminate the penalty

WHEN they’re allowed to vote on it, THEY support it.  

7 years ago, even liberal voters in California refused to kill capital punishment.

Wisconsin voters supported the penalty and their lawmakers simply ignored them.

In Olympia, legislators have now done the same, passing a law they know voters would NEVER approve and sent it off to Jay Inslee for his signature.

Even liberals like Obama’s regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, admit the death penalty deters murder…so plan on more murders. 

And, ask yourself this, would Green River killer Gary Ridgeway have copped a plea and told investigators where to find the rest of the bodies if he hadn’t been facing the needle?

And what will you do with the already locked-up killer who murders a guard?

But most importantly, why not ask citizens what THEY want.  

Unless, of course, your so-called representatives don’t give a damn what you think.