The Washington Elites Are Seemingly Above The Law. Is Anthony Weiner?

Anthony Weiner has long been the fodder of late night jokes and teasing by many comics across the country. His first scandal related to his personal life and sending inappropriate images made him a household name.

But when his first scandal broke in 2011, Weiner recovered relatively well, going on to run as the mayor of NYC in 2013. He then faced another scandal which seemed to end his political career altogether. Meanwhile, his wife Huma Abedin was working with the Clintons, as a long time aid to Hillary Clinton. His close ties through his wife to the Clintons was seen by many as a danger heading into the 2016 election cycle, and Mrs. Clinton did much to distance herself from him without removing aid Abedin.

In August and September of last year, Weiner’s name came up again when it was discovered that he had been “transferring obscene material to a minor.” At that time the FBI seized Mr. Weiners electronic devices and found emails exchanged with his wife, which lead to the reopening of the case into Hillary Clinton by James Comey and the FBI. But we all know how that story ended. The focus now is once again on ‘ol Anthony Weiner.

Weiner plead guilty in his exchange with the underage girl with whom he is alleged to have sent inappropriate images to. The charges could carry a 10 year prison sentence if convicted.

But now he’s asking for leniency in his sentence. Lawyers say he’s sick, which I imagine is a statement we’d all agree with.

Giving Anthony Weiner a light sentence could set a dangerous precedent for the predator like behavior that he displayed. And it also sends a message that Washington elites are untouchable, even for such a heinous crime.

I hope the judge in his case has the good sense to give him a sentence fitting for his despicable crime. And I hope it sends a message to other Washington elites that the American people are paying attention, and we won’t allow these crimes to go unchecked.



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